Architecture for the Digital Realm


Original Elephant


Owen Hughes Pearce

Owen is an Architect working in practice focusing on projects investigating extreme architectural environments in Antarctica and Mars. Owen is a design tutor at Oxford Brookes University focusing on generational issues, hyper technology, future cities, networks and issues on generation Z/Y/Z. Owen also teaches on the Advanced Representation and Digital Culture modules with a focus on virtual reality technologies.

Owens current research focuses on improving social cohesion and reducing loneliness through technology and interactive architecture.

Owen is interested in new forms of craft and making and designs and explores architectural and furniture possibilities.


Engeland Apostol

Engeland’s portfolio of work focuses on architectural design development, facade design and regeneration work. He also experiments with architectural forms and future spaces and writes a blog (sheepairsupport dot com) where his work is available as an open source platform for like-minded enthusiasts.


Shahe Gregorian

Shahe completed his BArch at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles. Prior to moving to the UK, he worked on a diverse range of experimental projects and architectural pavilions. His specialty is in computational design and digital fabrication techniques. 

Shahe is a technology tutor at Oxford Brookes University where he teaches digital modelling, animation, and rendering workshops. While in the United Kingdom, he has worked in architectural practice leading several projects from feasibility to construction. Additionally, He has also worked with the other members of Original Elephant developing interactive installations for small festivals.


Samuel Wilkinson

Samuel Wilkinson is an architecturally trained London based designer. He has pursued play and experimentation throughout his life, something he tries to apply to any problem he is presented with. Spanning from the traditional to the cutting edge, Samuel’s current work traverses the world of architecture, interior design, digital visualisation, technology and virtual reality experiences.

Why do we exist?

Original Elephant wants to develop a new design thinking to challenge the traditional philosophy of what spatiality is. To be front runners in the space of digital architecture.

What excites us?

The possibilities to ‘infect’ cities with layers of information that can only be seen through the correct lens, that can act to: enhance, corrupt, subvert or amuse. How the new realities can be divorced from the physicality of our own reality achieving things that are otherworldly and beyond our expectations.

What happens then?

There will always be a place for architects in a digital age. We have always believed that.